Q: Is it possible to have medals for my micronation included here?
A: Yes, of course. If you represent a current or former micronation that issues or used to issue awards, just follow our submission guidelines.

Q: What are the guidelines for submitting information about my micronation's medals and awards?

  • The award must exist in the real world. No virtual-only medals, sorry.
  • For each medal you contribute, send an e-mail to medals@slabovia.com with the following:
1. The name of your micronation and a link to its official website
2. Pictures of the front and back of the award
3. The name of the award
4. The awarding criteria in a short paragraph
  • Each award should be sent in a separate e-mail.
  • The photos of your award's obverse and reverse sides should be taken with a white background, showing just the award.
  • If you want to contribute physical examples of your awards (and this is strongly encouraged, but not required), please contact us at medals@slabovia.com for shipping instructions.

    Q: How do I navigate this web page?
    A: On the left you'll see the names of micronations who've contributed to MEDALS. Click on any

country name to be taken to that country's page, where you'll see the awards they give. Click the name under any award to see how/why it's awarded. To get back to the main page, click “MICROPHALERIST” at the top of that menu.

Q: What are the names for the various parts of a medal?
A: The nomenclature for parts of medals is shown in our Terminology page.

Q: Why are only real, physical medals included on this site?
A: This site is a catalogue of actual physical awards issued by micronations. Its purpose is to help identify and understand the meaning of medals and awards that can be seen when they are worn by micronational leaders and citizens.